Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Harvest start for self sustained living

Well folks, it's about time to go get the wheat. Have a couple more days of rain in the forecast then some dry weather. Looks like I can "pick" my wheat Saturday or Sunday. I will share pictures and a description of how I do it.

Normally my first garden harvest is cucumbers but I lost all my plants during our inland hurricane. They got ripped off the trellis. Not to worry tho, I have a whole line of cucs coming up and a few already flowering all in a row close to last years crop spot. I guess I missed one or 2 and the seed scattered when I cleaned the trellis. That's a good thing for this crazy year!

Looks like I've lost hubbys potato patch. I checked it this morning and every single plant has gone to flower. I picked the flowers off but that won't help. So much for the potato crop this year. I'll be there isn't 20lbs of tater in those hills. Well, now I know not to trust hubby with the tater hills!

I picked my first zuchinni last night. A nice, 8" long zucc. Will make a nice batch fried. The bell peppers are flowered now, I lost one to the goats but the others should produce enough on their own. Tomatoes are flowered with tiny tomato buds on them. I will also be harvesting my first round of broccoli in the next day or 2.

I checked the corn patch this morning and the 4 new rows have popped up along with the beans, sunflowers and peas. Still waiting on the cantalopes, they should be up in another day or so. Going to get another 4 or 5 rows or corn planted along with the kidneys and the rest of the melons today and tomorrow.


  1. It all sounds so yummy. I guess there are always a few that you lose. You're still doing so well!

  2. Sounds Great MM. I finished that cheese yesterday! It was so good.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  3. What's wrong with your potato patch? Everything I've read and my experience has been that the flowering doesn't hurt the potato production. I'm just curious -- I've never removed the blossoms and the potatoes still produce fine.

  4. I'm jealous.
    It's been so darned cold here everything in my garden isn't doing anything. Got a couple of sprouts here and there, but that's it.

  5. Thank you Moon, I'm working my hind end off trying to get the the feeding myself quota. Some things just aen't cooperating this year tho. :(

    I'm so thrilled you liked the cheese Matt, as soon as I get to town, I'm going to send you a peice of that garlic cheddar!

    dp, I hear ya but my vines are already dying on me! They seem to be not making it thru the massive hilling they got. It's the only thing that's happened to them. They're flowering and dying. Never had em do that before...

    WM man, I hear ya, mother nature has been in rare form this year. Maybe a hot box would help?

  6. oh no - so sorry to hear about your potatoe plants - that is so not good! are you going to start more?
    it sounds like everything else is doing fine tho...
    (but man i gotta get me some of that cheese!)

  7. woops - one last thing - yes please to the pics and instructions on wheat! and would it be too much to ask for the same on your coffee plants?


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