Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gardening in the gloom

Well, it's been a gloomy, overcast day so far but I had plenty to do anyway. I started out with the normal animal feeding chores then I started on hubby's tater patch. With all this rain, he pretty much let it get away from him, passing on doing any work on it because it was muddy. Now the tater sprouts are 18" tall and trying to flower on me. So off in the mud I had to wade and hill them up. Frankly, I'll be amazed if they live thru it. 3 hours of slopping thru the mud and if any of the plants live, they'll need more hilling by Saturday.

Some brighter news tho, I've got broccoli heads, zuccs and my bucket tomatoes are starting to flower. I still don't have the one front garden completely weeded but I'm working on it!

Monday was kindle day for the Californian doe and no kits. Guess she didn't want any. Should have checked her half way thru but I didn't so I've lost 30 days and she'll need back in with a buck. Still 15 days on the gray doe, she looks plump tho.

I've got 3 ducks setting duck eggs, maybe I'll have duckings soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hard to eat duck when you don't have any to eat! 2 big hens and 2 bantys are still setting, trying to give me more chicken dinners for this winter. Good girls!

I should be able to get the rest of the corn patch and red beans planted by the weekend right in time to pick up hay bales. The work never ends here but it's all for the benefit of us eating thru the winter without having to buy food from a store.

Oh, I got a whole line of volunteer cucumbers coming up in front of my roma tomatoes. I'm going to put some wire up and let them go right where they are and not try to transplant them. What a boon since the ones I planted were wiped out by the hurricane.


  1. yes, cukes do not like to be transplanted. Good for you to have them coming up where you can put them to a fence. I had volunteer tomatoes come up bigger that the plants I bought (yes I bought mine as I have nowhere to start them till I get my green house up late this sunner)I admire your dedication to keep the garden going in spite of all the rain you have had!


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