Friday, June 12, 2009

Eating from the garden again

Last night in the rain, I picked a few onions and a garlic clove to go in my fried potatoes and on sirloin steaks. Here's a picture of one of the broccoli heads I harvested today. I'm going to melt some homestead cheese over it for supper this evening and dehydrate the rest for winter use.

It poured rain here on and off yesterday with some showers overnight as well. I tried to do a little weeding today but it's just too muddy in the garden. It's still overcast and I can hear random thunder rolling.

I was out on the 4-wheeler yesterday looking at a baler for a friend and got caught in the pouring rain on the way home. Of course, I got soaked. I also picked up a coon dog pup someone apparently dumped on the back road north of me. The little bugger was running around and intersection and 3 hours later when I came back by in the pouring rain, he was still running around in the intersection. He's pretty starved and you can see here he had a collar on that was too small for him so I doubt he's been lost in that intersection long. Of course I scooped him up and he rode home in my lap. He's pretty pitiful looking right now, pics in a couple days tho. Have not named him yet.

Other than that, it's just farm life. Been watching stuff grow, waiting for something good to eat from it. It's coming, flowers on everything!


  1. I bet those steaks were great MM. You guys sure do eat well!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Hey Matt, we do eat well. That's what I keep trying to show people. I grow it all and we eat well from the harvest. Anybody can eat like we do with a little cooking skill and garden effort ;)

  3. That is one bee-yoo-tee-full head of broccoli! My strawberries wil lbe red in another week or two. Fresh juicy sun warmed berries from the garden.

  4. My Wife used peas and broccoli from the garden the other night in a stir fry she made.

    I let some radishes go that were in the HoopHouse just for the heck of it. Pulled them yesterday and was amazed. A couple were near as big as a football. I had no idea they would get that big. Sliced them up for the Guineas and chickens, but nobody wanted anything to do with 'em!

  5. Where's the pup? Did I miss the photo? HE's so lucky to have run into you.

  6. the whole meal sounds delicious - thanks for sharing - but you know that the fresh-harvested broccoli with home-made melted cheese is killing me!!! next time you make that throw up a picture so that i can virtually enjoy it!!!
    as for the pup - good on ya gurl!


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