Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, the chicken brooder-aka- 100 gallon water tank- is never going to get out of my frontroom! It's been 24 days and that duck is still setting on that nest of mixed eggs. So me being the curious sort I am, had to go mess with her. What did a find? I whole bunch of baby chicks. Some ran in between the straw bales and I couldn't catch them up, but I did manage to get a few. If I don't steal them, the cats get them. So I have chicklings to go with the chicks I stole from the RIR who is also still setting on her nest. Yesterday while she was off eating, I replaced the eggs with fresh ones since she's been setting for 45 days now and if they haven't hatched yet, they aren't going to!

I cut 2 hay fields yesterday, the haybine is working great and is ready for the season. They weren't big fields, just my back pasture(about 2 acres) and another 5 acre spot. Hate to get in a big field and have the equipment fail on me. I'll rake it all sometime this afternoon and with any luck be baling tomorrow.

I spent about an hour in my garlic/onion patch yesterday too. With all the ain, the weeds had gone a little silly. Somebody, not naming names, mowed the grass into the garden and now I have tiny spider grass growing all over it. The spot has dried out enough to make it too much on my back to mulch the grass out with the garden tool so it's gonna have to wait for another rain.

Other than that, it's business as usual here, waiting for something in the gardens to produce so I can eat fresh instead of my canned....


  1. Sounds like you have your hands full. How long could those eggs stay without hatching?

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by! If the eggs are out in a nest just laid, they will last 3 days if it's not too hot or cold out. If the hen covers them and sets, 21 to 25 days for them, she'll lay a few herself before she gets all the way broody and just sets. That's how it's always works here. If you don't have one acting broody, pick those eggs up. If you have one broody, put the eggs under her, she'll hatch em out. I like to let my hens go 3 to 5 days broody before I mess with them so they don't run off the nest.


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