Saturday, April 25, 2009

This weekends Pictures

A little bit of happenings this weekend, some work getting done with the warm and dry weather.
The last few days since I've been out and working slowly but surely on the farm, I've turned the goats and the sheep loose to run around. They've all behaved rather well, checked out the whole farm and even without fully functional perimeter fencing they've stayed close. I've got a duck that has decided she needs duck and chicklings, she's taken over a chicken nest, laid herself a few eggs and gone broody on them. Maybe she'll get s few hatched. I've got a bit done on the chicken house, being down on the ground is causing me some discomfort so it's going slower than I want it to. I also can't seem to find that whole bucket of 10p nails, guess I'll need to go pick up more. I hate going to town tho. The bunnies ae growing like mad, I've got some
New Zealand whites out of the box and those cute little smoke grey ones about 3 days from coming out. Hard to see them in the box, they blend in with Mommas hair so well.

I feel exhausted today for some reason. A trip around the barn lot and a little work on the barney mobile and I need a rest. I've got cheese going on the stove too.

Speaking of cheese, I visited some Amish neighbors that make cheese and learned tons watching them prepare a wheel of Gouda this morning. I look forward to the wheel I'm working on now.

Gardens are coming along and as stuff gets established and isn't getting pummeled by 25mph winds, I'll share some pics.......


  1. Always some fun projects going on at your house! Must be a fun place to be...

    Good job on getting things going your way! The goasts look like they are liking the area pretty well!

  2. What a busy girl your are! I feel so lazy when I read what's up at your house. We're having a windy time here too! I could barely open our screen door this morning.



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