Monday, April 13, 2009

Swimming Day

While we've watched it rain bucket loads over the past week, our ducks have swam all over the entire farm in places that should never have water. Now the farm is complete with ducklings in the bath tub! My kids thought the ducklings might need a little swim time, filled the tub a little bit and turned them loose. It's still too cold around here to put them outdoors with the rest of the ducks but their time will come soon enough. So, we'll just keep humming the rubber ducky song.......


  1. Too cute - I love it when you post photos of the animals!

  2. Is there anything cuter than Baby Ducks? No, I didn't think so.

  3. Oh the memories of our first batch of ducks. I can almost hear them splashing and diving in the tub. It was a pain to have to scrub down bathroom after they played but was worth the memories. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Take Care,

    Ps... please delete if this is a duplicate. Blogger has been showing me errors when I try to post.

  4. I think all little ones like the water...and it's great you let them share your "pool".

    Cute pics!

  5. THAT is SOOOO freakin cute! i love the animal, farm and gardening pics! and request an update!

    gosh it was nice talking to you last night MM...honestly girl - yer like my heroe!!!!


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