Friday, April 17, 2009

Sheep Shearing

I really thought this was going to turn out differently than it did. Another adventure for us. The clippers we have for the horses didn't work out quite like I expected so we did it the old fashioned way more or less. With a pair of scissors, we found out the "Copper" the sheep isn't copper, he's black! Well, we didn't know, this is our first sheep. Copper went off his feed 2 weeks ago and I have been concerned with him losing weight since he's going to be supper one of these days. So, I did a little reading and decided he was hot. 3 hours later, here is the naked sheep. I am absolutely covered in lanolin. His wool was drenched with it. At least my hands are soft now! I think Copper is happy, he's been wagging the tail we never knew he had ever since we turned him loose.....


  1. He does look pretty pleased with things, doesn't he? It's got to feel better for him!

    Glad you got it done!

  2. Yay! the sheep is back to eating! Guess he was hot after all. Thanks for stopping in Hermit and Unk!


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