Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Thursday on the farm

Today was a good day. Not too warm tho, plenty damp still. More like still sopping wet! Everywhere is muddy so I didn't even think about doing anything resembling gardening today. Nope, today was a clean up the messy farm day. As you can see, Pudge the cat was not helping. My son helped me all day, we got a ton of clean up done. First we had to round up our wayward Alpines, they have become masters of escape. No worries tho, both John Boy and Molly are gentled down and follow like puppies. So, we worked on fixing their pen in the pole barn so they'll stay put until we turn them out. Hauled out all the straw and set it aside for the gardens later on. Used cattle panel we had laying around and now they're where they are supposed to be! On to the old barn where there's an entire winters worth of loose hay, corn cobs and general trash to clean up. While we were knocking that out, I noticed my little grey rabbit was pulling fur. So a quick grab up job and move her to a bigger hutch with a nest box and this evening we have more bunnies!

On to the barn yard and cleaning up the misc hay strings and general junk that always seems to get left laying around. Got a bunch of the branches from our recent storms picked up and all the hubbys beer cans and mowed around the yard where it isn't swampy from all the rain.

I checked out the spot where we plan on building the new chicken coops and runs but it's pretty soft over there so no constuction in that spot for now. It'll just have to wait. Found a new batch of kittens, 3 of them and they're all grey.

Finished up about dark and just in time to pull the new batch of cheese out of the presses. This round was a new recipe for an herbed cheddar. It's Caraway seed cheddar. It smells awesome and I hope I can show some restraint and actually let it age for 30 days.....


  1. your cheese looks delicious! I have yet to try my hand at cheesemaking, but am anxious to. Sounds like you got a lot done!! But i think pudge had the best

  2. Good on ya, girl, for acomplishing so much! Makes it nice to have a helper, doesn't it!

    So much to do, so little time!

  3. I'm with Lisa. That cheese looks good.

    My wife and I had a productive day yesterday and it was nice working with her. I hope the warm weather has finally showed up.

  4. Looks delish! Where do you let it age? Does it have to be a certain humidity?

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by, I really appreciate your support.

    The cheese cave has the humidity controlled by a water pan with temperature control thermostat, monitored for consistency.


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