Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Disgusted and disappointed

You all know from reading this blog that I am an old hand at homesteading and living the rural farm life. I've got multitudes of animals and crops here. Monday I received my replacement order of chicks in the mail. Of course, par for my luck, instead of it being nice and warm like last week, it has to be 34 degrees and snowing! 6 dead chicks at the post office. Overnight to Tuesday, 11 more died. Thru the day yesterday, I lost 2 more. I about hate to go look at them this morning, the rest should be dead if my luck holds. This is the exact same tank, same light and setting I used last spring to raise 50 chicks at once I bought from Rural King. All lived and thrived. Brooding chicks isn't very hard, keep them warm and provide feed and water! Why are all my banty chicks dying? To add insult to injury, the door of the coop in the old barn where I was keeping the mature bantys blew down in the storm we had Saturday and they are all out. Yesterday I found the roo and 3 of the 5 hens but could not catch them. At dark, I could not find a single one. So, I may not even have any mature bantys now. I am down to 6 mature mixed laying hens now and hubby still hasn't brought home a single pallet from the coal mine for me to build the chicken house. We simply do not have the money to buy new lumber.

But on a brighter note, today is the first day since last Saturday that I woke up without back spasms! Still really stiff but not a single spasm yet and I've been up an hour!

The goats found freedom yesterday, they were running around in the barn lot. Still not sure how they got out unless they simply climbed out. They ran right up to me and followed me right back in the barn. They aren't quite gentled down yet, I didn't play with them all last week with my back misbehaving but they know who feeds them! The sheep is still alive, I moved him in the barn before the storm and realized we've not been feeding him quite enough. Under all that wool is a skinny sheep! So, his feed has been increased and we're aiming for 2 weeks to butcher. I need the time anyway to get my back going in the right direction....

At least the cheese wheels are drying a rind like they are supposed to. Something is going right!


  1. Did you ever think about marketing your cheese presses? I'd buy one or two, myself. I love cheese. Specially Monterrey Jack. Wanna sell some?

  2. I have actually considered that and now that my back has quit acting up, I'll get after pricing a mock up. I've considered selling the cheese too but haven't been making it long enough to be confident in how it turns out. Stay tuned, I should have something soon...

  3. I am so sorry about the chicks. To be honest we had been warned about this, so I start the chicks out in the house. Crazy as it is, I kept last years large batch in the master bathroom, and currently I have 5 early hatchlings Barred Rocks and two black Spanish turkeys in an old aquarium in the school room.

    I wrote a post on where to find pretty usable lumber on NM preppers yesterday. Our entire farm is low cost no cost and yet we have oodles of poultry, sheep goats and more.

    I have recycled campaign signs to small barns for the goats and sheep. We used pallets as internal base for buildings, we got tin roofing from construction sites.

    My farm blog is

  4. I'm glad to hear about the back and hope it continues to improve fot you.

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of the chicks, though. Makes me sad.

  5. We've been losing turkey chicks these past couple of days.

  6. Hang in there, Kid! It'll get better. I've had pretty bad luck with the USPS and shipping chicks or eggs so I can sympathize. Hopefully the bantys will stay alive and stick around close to home.

    Glad your back is better. Lord knows that back pain and spasms can keep you from doing anything. Hopefully, you'll be 100% soon!

  7. ugh. so sorry about the chicks and bantys - i hope you find them! but i am super glad that your back is better - Hallelujah!

    as for cheese presses and cheese - let us all know when you think you are up for selling them - you know you can get interested buyers from the APN and CPN!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your chicks but I doubt it was anything YOU did once you received them. It was more than likely the extreme change of temperatures during shipping.


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