Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicken Coop Project

ROFL, I swear, the level says it's level!!!! Here's what I got done today on the chicken coop. Notice the evil cat with the glowing eyeballs guarding it! I think it's big enough to hold my 30 laying hens. It will have a wire enclosure out the front, the man door is on the left side, windows for venting heat etc on the front and back. I'll probably put a 3 degree roof on it and catch the rain. Speaking of rain, the weather report says isolated storms tomorrow thru Thursday! That figures....


  1. Hey, not a bad looking start on the coop! The cat does look like he's on guard duty!

  2. Level? Plumb?
    Hey, it's not like you're building a piano. It's a chicken house. Long as they're happy, you will be too!

    You're out there getting after it and that's what counts. Martha Stewart has curtains in her chicken house. It's all about function kiddo!

  3. It looks great - I am sure its just your picture taking that isnt level ;)

    Cant wait to see more progress and your happy chickens!



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