Monday, March 2, 2009


Aw, my MurrayMcMurray hatchery order came today and the US Postal Service killed every single chick. They were all dead when they arrived at the post office this morning. 25 little baby chicks, all huddled together in the corner of the box, froze to death because some ignorant Federal employee couldn't read and keep the box warm.

Thanks USPS, you're the greatest.

Stay safe and keep prepping......


  1. Oh NO! Are they going to reimburse you or the hatchery for new chicks and shipping?

  2. That is so sad...and un-necessary! No respect for life or property...much less no pride in their work!

    Sorry about the loss...

  3. That is horrible. Makes me want to cry just thinking of it. They should of been ashamed of themselves. The boxes are clearly marked. What excuse did they give you????

    I hope they get replaced for you. Just horrible.


  4. Oh, thanks guys. USPS had no excuse, just sorry they're dead. MurrayMcMurray is a great business, they will send me another round of chicks but we decided to wait 30 days to try and avoid a repeat in hopes of warmer weather. Apparently the USPS workers are too stupid to keep the chicks from drafts or freezing. So, April 6th then...

  5. Government screws the working people again, and as usual gets away with it. Makes me want to puke.

  6. Thanks for stoppin in My Way, and yep, that's how I look at it too. The poor little buggers were shipped with a heating pad and the USPS still managed to kill them. Ignorance plain and simple.


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