Sunday, March 15, 2009

Overcast days

Well, once again, I'm annoyed by corporate greed and governmental stupidity. The Governor of Illinois is proposing a 50% increase in income taxes. Gee Pat, you didn't notice that the unemployment rate for the state is over 8%? Guess Pat hasn't noticed all the businesses in the state closing or laying off workers either. Guess the Governors mansion comes with a pair of cool sunglasses....

I made a batch of apple butter yesterday. 4lbs of frozen apples from the grocery sold as "fresh". No wonder they had such a good price on them. A little sugar, cinnamon and a touch of clove, a little simmer time on the stove and I've got 8 jars of a wonderful apple spread for my fresh bread.

The garden spots have been tilled into beautiful soft beds of fertile soil awaiting the seeds, tubers and bulbs it will soon be nurturing. Spring is upon us and it's about dang time! This will be an exciting year here, stay tuned....

Stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. Aw...that looks SO good! Wish I had some for my fresh bread!

    Maybe we can barter about some Texas spring weather for a jar?

  2. I don't know what these damm politicians are smoking but they need to try something else, People can hardly make it as it is.Of course the way to beat em is work for cash & homestead like you do.


  3. That apple butter sounds wonderful. Any particular recipe that you recommend? Can you use any type of apples for this? I have a bag of Fujis that were past their prime when I bought them...on sale too.

  4. Hey Hermit, you betcha, good trade!

    Rhino, I intend to barter for everything I can this coming year...

    Moon, I'd go for it. If the apple has a good eating flavor, I don't see why it wouldn't make good apple butter. If anything, you might have to simmer it down a little more but keep a low heat and it won't scorch. I didn't use any particular recipe, just a cup of sugar to each lb of apples and cinnamon and clove like I would for pie filling.

  5. Interested in sharing the recipe? Do you use a pressure cooker for your canning or the boiling water method?

  6. Hello T Rex, I'm water bathing the jars like you would jelly or jam, 10 minutes at a boil. I'm just using the old method of a cup of sugar to a lb of apples and a couple tsp of cinnamon with a dash or so of clove. Nothing special. Ends up tasting like apple pie :)


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