Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the New gardening trend

I read this yesterday and bookmarked the story so I could find it easy this morning. I'm thrilled with this whole new trend, of course. Seems people are finally thinking about feeding themselves! Dollars From Dirt is a nice little news article about how more people are turning their tiny backyards into gardens! Way to go folks! None of you will be sorry you planted food for yourself.

As I finish getting my first crops out(taters, onions, garlic, lettuce) I will work on those self watering container thingies I've been talking about making. I will post pictures and instructions too. Will be useful for folks that don't have a yard to put a garden in.

Again, way to go folks! Keep gardening!


  1. I can't wait to see your container things. I only have a small patio for my garden and any idea that can maximize it is of great interest to me!

  2. That was a great story,. Thanks for the link. Another benefit of growing your own is feeling beter cause you are eating healthier. A great side effect!

  3. I've always done a "victory garden" since I don't have much of a yard but it's nice to see other folks getting into the spirit of things.

  4. I like this trend too. I am glad that people are slowly coming back to growing some for themselves.

  5. I'm startign with just herbs and they're doing great. You're giving me encouragement to do more. :)

  6. It's great that it is a trend as it will pull more people into gardening.

    Thing is, regular trends can go in and out of fashion like a pair of flares (I'm guessing they'll be 'in' again in 2012). I hope this trend is one that will stay!
    Good article - and blog!


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