Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just a quickie

Okay, just a quickie as this weather front has me down in the back something fierce. Here's what I've been up to today...

I made myself some cheese I could eat now instead of after a 90 day aging period. Turned out halfway good. I'm going to try to duplicate it and put it on some home made pizzas later this week.

And of course, the day would not be complete without a cockeyed shelf picture! I whipped 2 up for the front room and got the DVD player and surround sound off the top of the TV, got the kids video games off the floor and made a home for all my books that end up piled on the floor or on the fireplace, or whatever flat spot I can find, plus I got hubbys mess out of the pile in the corner he likes to keep it all in. Oh, I also put the last 4 boxes of wood floor I had sitting around down to finish that project up. Nothing special, just the lock n seal stuff from Sams club. Better than crappy, wore out and smelly carpet any day!

Can ya'll tell I'm getting antsy for spring to get here? I'm ready to be outside, on the farm, planting, growing, baling hay, anything but this cooped up in the house thing!

Stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. You'll have to let us in on more pictures of that cheese! Fresh cheese with some crackers sounds so good!

    Looks like you are staying plenty busy with your indoor projects...

  2. We're suppose to be having a warm up this week, here. By the weekend its should be in the 60's. I just wish it would decide what it is gonna do.

    The cheese sounds so good. I want some! :)


  3. I'm impressed with the cheese. I've been getting anxious for spring too so I started my seedling for the garden - just an idea. Oh and out tea party here in Idaho is Saturday. Take care - glad to see there are still some sane folks left in Illinois. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking good over there MM, cut me off some of that cheese.


  5. Hey you guys! Oh, the cheese worked out really great melted on a sandwich, so awesome! If any of you can find rennet, I'll pass the process on to you. I'm gonna work on a home made press idea made out of regular stuff too.


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