Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feeling wore out

Yep, that's it, I just feel wore out. My mind is so full of MSM garbage topped off by a full helping of the O-man's cowshit propaganda; my eyeball twitches now. I've been listening to my idiot neighbors waste a couple thousand rounds of what sounds like 9mm ammo since Friday afternoon. At least the weather has been nice, yesterday was a bit windy with that storm pushing in on us, the one that dumped all the snow on Denver. It started the downpour around 6pm yesterday and rained pretty much all night. Everything looks pumped up and green today so that's good!

I've got small projects lined up left and right here, still working on finishing the laundry room and now the crappy, cheapass counter island drawers are falling apart. Just what I need. Wasn't planning on building a new kitchen island until more toward May or June. It's behind the chicken shed and pen and the goat shed. Maybe even behind the new barn lean-to!

Got the truck fixed, at least it appears to be fixed. The tranny yoke seems to have caused a bunch of small troubles with the truck but now that it's replaced to the tune of $450, most of the complaints have disappeared. Still haven't hooked the trailer to it yet. Spent half a day Monday pacing at the car dealer waiting on it.

This week is fill the cheese cave week. Made a big block of cheddar cheese, it's still got another 24 hours in the press. Good thing I whipped up that home made press since today I'm needing to make some eating cheese( I'm out completely) and I want to try some cottage cheese too. Gonna make another block of cheddar tomorrow and prolly Monterey Jack on Friday.

Did I tell ya's that I made another round of apple butter? I had a batch failure last week and it bugged me so I had to do it again. Guess you can't double the batch and have it work right ;) live and learn...

I'm watching for Morral(sp?) mushrooms now, I've got a couple of spots on the farm that grow them every year. I figure I'll dehydrate most of them this year instead of giving them away to people I know. They'll fit nicely in the preps for cooking later on.

The wild asparagus is nubbed up, that's something I don't eat but will put a couple bucks in the preps kitty, I have several people that buy it from me every year.

Well, guess that's all that's new here, so stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. Hang in there MM, The stuff that is going on around us tends to break us all down once in a while.Just go out on the porch,light one up & let the world go by for awhile & you'll be fine.Hang in there.


  2. Wow, you are one busy lady. It will pass and all will be calm again...soon.

  3. Hope the weather straightens out for ya soon, my friend! Getting to go outside for a bit can do wonders for the inner peace we all need from time to time.


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