Thursday, March 19, 2009

The big 15

Today is my boys' birthday. The big 15. Happy birthday son!

FedEx delivered my Yellow Fin and German Butterball taters bright and early this morning. Too bad it rained 3/8" last night!

I haven't said anything about the project for the chickens yet, it's been iffy getting any help out of the hubby. But, all this week every morning the 3 of us, the boy, hubby and I, have all spent a few hours out there cleaning up the fallen trees, removing the old hog pen, rounding up all the junk that seemed to find itself into that spot and now we have a 50x150 spot I intend to put 2 chicken pens and tater rows in. Will take pics of it soon...

I made a wheel of garlic-basil cheese per request by my farming pal. It came out okay I guess, I delivered it last night.

Still waiting to hear from Mom, the cheese I sent her in the mail should get there hopefully today.

My tractor was on loan yesterday and it came home this morning with a bucket full of lime. Guess I'll be fixing the holes in the horse barn today! Also have the English Game Hen setting on a pile of eggs in between the straw bales in the old barn. She found herself a hidey hole. Will need to keep a close eye on her for the hatch and catch the chicks up quick or the cats will have brunch again....

I hope to have 3 litters of bunnies by the first of April, it's been since last fall I had any live babies. Rough winter and the freezer is empty of rabbit meat :(

Well, that's about all that's going on this fine March morning... stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. They sure do grow fast, huh?

    My son raises rabbits (they have almost 50) and have had a problem with getting any live litters this winter too. There definately won't be too many 'easter bunnies' this year.

    Take Care,

  2. OK, what kinda bird is that on his shoulder?

    Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Dude. 15 is old enough to be called, Dude, right?

  3. Hi Grandma, yep they sure do grow fast. Time has flown by.
    Nope, no "easter bunnies", sad thing too but what can ya do. Mother nature just did not cooperate :(

    Unk, I was thinking it may have been a swallow fledgling. The boy kept trying to put it down and it kept flying back on him! He had that bird all day until it just flew off on it's own.

  4. Happy Happy 15th Birthday to your beautiful boy! Oh wow eh...15 is such an exciting age and he looks like such a good man-to-be....congrats to you also MM - for raising such a sweetie!


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