Sunday, March 8, 2009

As usual, crazy birthday!

"you say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too now...." I have that song running thru my head!

Thanks My Way, Hermit, Shy, Melonie, Grandma, Rhino and Zilla for the birthday wishes! You guys are great!

My daughter made me pancakes, hubby cleaned off the nasty coffee table, my son did all the morning chores all by himself and we've got a severe storm warning with a tornado watch!

I almost don't know what to do with myself today with nothing to do.... I'm going to have to cook something or plant something! Or at least go out and brush the mud off the horses when I put them in the barn.....

Today, life is especially sweet.

Stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. Hey, you deserve it...enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! And many more with health, happiness and love.

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely day. I love your blog.

  4. A very Happy Birthday to you my friend. May you have many, many more. Been nice here too, love it.


  5. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We had a tornado spotted in the little town we are moving too. Hopefully we won't find any damage when we go down there today. I always love/hate this time of year just for that reason.

    Have a great Monday!

  6. Thank you all for stopping in and thinking of me on my birthday!


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