Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todays Colby Cheese Wheel

Well, this one was a 7 hour cheese making adventure. I think it turned out correctly. The cheesecloth stuck to it a bit after the 12 hour press. Now it drys on the board for a couple days and will get waxed to age for 90 days. This one will actually get waxed! I'll be making another wheel tomorrow a.m. to add to the preps in storage. Just can't live without my cheese!
This is after the 2nd press and the bottom is this afternoon when it finished it's 12 hour. See where the cheese cloth stuck and peeled a little off the edges? Next wheel I'll wet it a bit with some tap water and see if it helps loosen the cloth.

2 layers of cheese wax on it and 90 days to age the colby taste into it, this cheese will keep long enough in cold storage to make it worth the time. Cheese doesn't last around here anyway ;)

If you'd like to try making cheese for yourself, check out Steve Shapson's website, The cheese

You can get the book I'm using, Home Cheese Making, and all the supplies you need to make wonderful cheese there. Just another little piece of being completely self sustained!

Think safe, stay safe, be informed and keep prepping!


  1. Looks good, Kid!
    Makes me hungry too.

  2. Oh I know it! Going to be hard to let it age, my cheese self control is terrible!

  3. Well, now ya done it! I'm gonna order me up a cheese makin' kit tomorrow...wonder how much I'll hafta give to Uncle Sugar as a tax?

    Thanks for the delicious looking pics.

  4. LOL Hermit, you go for it! You'll love it!

  5. Ohh, that looks good! What milk/cream are you using? I don't remember if you posted it in your original post about cheesemaking.

    I'm with Hermit, I want to order a kit now. That looks GOOD!!!

  6. Hey FG! I'm using right off the cow milk with the cream on. The recipe from "Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll works with goat milk too. LOL, you guys are gonna love it, the cheese is awesome.

  7. Awesome site MM. I'm going to get the cheese making supplies and try with my storage powdered milk. Maybe I can find a dairy around here.

  8. Thanks RS and be sue to share results with me, I'd love to know how it worked. Visit any farm you see with dairy cattle or goats on it and work yourself a deal!


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