Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sustainable Living with our Habits

Recent conditions created by our government via it's brilliant bailout plan hopefully has you thinking about how much LESS money you're going to have soon if you don't conform to mainstream stupidity. Myself, I am down right pissed off by the fact that a single group of people can force legislation on the rest of us. What am I talking about? Smoking bans and increased taxes put directly on smokers. Hermit wrote a nice blog about it that includes how much our government intends to squeeze out of a small group of people to pay for it's socialist plans.

So, how do we fight back? For me, that's simple since I've been doing it for a couple of years already. Grow your own. Tobacco is not hard to grow, at least here it isn't. It grows like a weed. I like rustic girls webpage for growing directions and wikipedia for a good understanding of how to use what you grow.

There's tons of website out there that will sell you tobacco seeds. What I grow is pretty hardy, drought tolerant and takes the heat and humidity well. There's even types of tobacco that grow well in Canada. If you smoke or like to chew, you might want to plant yourself a little tobacco to support your habit or you may be using your hard earned money to support others instead.

Stay safe and keep Prepping!


  1. Thanks for the post. I must admit, you are my inspiration for growing my own tobacco this year.

    So all I can say is:

    Thank you!

  2. You got me interested in this idea around September. First post I read of yours. The growing part looks to be no problem, it's the drying and curing part that has me wondering. Seems to be several methods for both drying and the curing.

    Seeds are cheap enough that I'm gonna order a few small packs and tuck them away till I figure out the details I need. One of the farmers I know raises tobacco every year and I'm gonna see about doing a little trading and experiment with it.

    Or I may just say the hell with it and quit. ;-)

  3. As a non-smoker, I think its just not right to continue to pass taxes on smokers especially if it isnt going to pay for smoking related illnesses - thats the only one I might be on the fence on... ;)

    If I let yall go down, then one by one, they will pick off the small groups and when they get to the Little Debbie Swiss Cakeroll Eating Group, I will be screwed because there wont be anybody left to help.



  4. Well, I have to admit it makes me angry that the tax money just gets thrown out the window like all the rest of the money stolen from the average working man. It would be different if it was actually going to help someone, ya know?

    One thing, did you know that Obama smokes? I didn't until a couple of days would think that would work in our favor.


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