Friday, February 13, 2009

A stab at cheese making

An interesting evening here in the farm kitchen. I finally just jumped and tried the Farmers Cheddar cheese recipe. I should have taken pics of the curds hanging off my kitchen cabinet handle but I was so absorbed in reading the cheese book that I didn't think about the camera until I got to here. It's had it's first 2 squeezes and is set for it's 12 hour press. So, until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon....

Stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. I would love to see pictures. I have always hoped to try making cheese at some point. I also can't wait to start on a garden this year. This new place seems to have the perfect spot and the ground is much more sandier (?) than all the rock we have at our place now.


  2. Have fun with the cheese! I am anxiously awaiting the kidding of some goats so I can get back into cheese making. (And soaps, and fudge, and, and, and....)

    Don't toss the whey. The liquid is a wonderful source of water soluble protein. We use it to make pancakes. I use it in place of water when I bake bread. (It does make the bread a bit darker so the temp will need to be turned down by 25*) And if I have nothing to use it for right away, I give it to the chickens and pigs.

  3. Good luck at the cheese making! I tried it last year and had wonderful luck with mottzarella(sp) and a farmers cheese . I tryed to make cheddar and i and used an old coffe can as my form in my homemade press, against my wifes wishes.... all went well till I tryed to eat it, aparently i skiped over the part that says "Don't use aluminum anything in contact with cheese" turns out aluminum poisning is very very bad, spent two weeks in the hospital... now I'm not allowed to make cheese lol

    but good luck as im sure by your pictures you can read...

  4. Guess it's always best to read the directions first, huh? Sounds like something I would do, so thanks for the warning!

  5. Deb, I'm right with you, can hardly wait myself to get the gardens going. Keep the photos of the new home place coming...

    Mrs H, thank you for the tip, I would have never thought to feed the chickens with it. I am excited to see how this try tuns out.

    Anon, thanks for stopping in! I'll add where I got my cheese press and the recipe book in the next post! I had a few unpleasant results myself ;)

    Hermit, LOL, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Aluminum poisoning? Whoa! Double Plus Not Good. Never would have known that about coffee cans, thanks.


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