Monday, February 23, 2009

More spring fever

It's time to think spring here. Some of the plants I normally grow each year require up to 60 days for germination. For instance, I need to grow at least 20 coffee plants to cover my yearly coffee drinking habit. The beans need soaked overnite and then up to 60 days to germinate depending on temperature, moisture etc. I like the plastic ziplock bag method in combination with an old terrarium heater. My windows leak thanks to a couple of nasty ice storms and I've had trouble with the seedlings dying from drafts. So I'm hoping the heater will help.

Along with the coffee, I've got some peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, cardamom and various herbs started. I'm ready for spring to get here!

Keep preppin!


  1. I just got started last night on the seeds. I was waiting for my seed order to show up, but said the heck with it and used some old seed.

    Of course, the order came this morning! I put quite a few extra seeds in the old varieties. We'll see how they germinate.

    If I'd had that HoopHouse done I could have had some out already. Better remember that next year.

  2. Wow ... I didn't realize that one could grow coffee in US climates. Is this the first time you've done it? Once the plants are big enough, will they be put outside or do you grow them in a hot house? This is fascinating!

    Your blog is wonderful!

    Small Footprints

  3. Yes SmallFootprints, coffea datura grows rather well in containers, tolerates full sun and has excellent heat and drought tolerances. It loves the 90% humidity here. This season will be my 5th season with it, zone 6/7.

  4. SmallFootprints is sooo right - your blog IS WONDERFUL!
    Thanks for sharing all of this useful information and thanks for teaching me about the ziploc method - i will have a post up soon about how its going!
    Keep it up MM - you are doing great work here (and at the Illinois Preppers Network as well!)


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