Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting ready for spring

Okay, we had snow yesterday here, it was melted by late afternoon. Today is cold and sunny. I couldn't take it, I started 120 Yellow of Parma onion seeds. Parma is an excellent keeper in cold storage and has a light sweet but oniony flavor. I'd show you a picture of them but my daughter isn't home from her weekend away with my camera.

We're roughly 6 weeks from our last estimated frost date here so seeds will be started about every day here for plants I intend on transplanting. Corn and beans etc will be direct planted.

Now is a good time to get those container plants going too. They'll be strong enough to go out and get producing by the last frost.

Garden days are coming quick!


  1. Thanks for the reminder MM, I have some Yellow sweet spanish I need to get seeded. Be kinda nice to have the mini-green house in the window again. Thanks.


  2. Yes, it's that time again! Now if I could just keep those bratty kittens from knocking the crap out of them every night....


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