Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Weenie

Hahahahahaha, I bet you thought this was a perverted post!

I finally got around to finishing the butcher job on the hog in the freezer. Well, one half of it anyway. Home grown pork turned into home made breakfast sausage! This has been a very pleasant Valentines Day, hubby and my son both got in on this project. We've spent the afternoon laughing and messing around while we're getting the job done. That's what being a self sustained farm is all about!

Stay safe and keep prepping!


  1. Sounds like a delicious way to spend a day to me...and I LOVE sausage! Man...think of that bad boy on the grill!

  2. Just wondering what kind of meat grinder/sausage stuffer is pictured in your, Big Weenie post? I'm looking to buy one, but of course don't want to invest the money in something that doesn't do the job. Have you had the one you own for very long? Do you like it? Thanks for any info you can provide. Great blog!!!

  3. Hey Hermit, I've already wiped out close to half what I stuffed, it's darn tasty!

    Anon, thanks for stopping in! The grinder is a Sportsman, Rural King sells them. I got mine off ebay for $20 plus $12 shipping. The grinder works well, I did not care for the stand alone stuffer by this company, I sent it back. Too much meat squeezed out around the plunger. The grinder/stuffer combo works great tho! I've used it at least a dozen times now, did 9 deer, 2 hogs and some misc smaller animals.


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