Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's for dinner?

I was on the list, last on the list as a matter of fact, to get a couple lambs out of a trailer load. The 4-H kids had first dibs and I ended up with "Copper", a just about ready to butcher sheep. Not one to look a "gift sheep" in the mouth, I was thrilled to have him even if he wasn't what I had in mind. Now, I am a big advocate of the self sustained living ideal, I live it and so I preach it. I've never butchered a sheep before tho, it should be an interesting exercise. I'm going to let "Copper" calm down for a bit, get gentled a bit so when I do get set to butcher him, I won't have a freaked out carcass full of endorphins that make the meat rank.

Off to the barn........


  1. Never had sheep meat, or even lamb before. Can you give me an idea of what the taste is akin to?

    Pretty stupid question, but I really don't know...thanks!

  2. Hermit, the best I can tell you is Gyros sandwich. I have never eaten lamb plain without any seasoning on it but I doubt it tastes like any other meat(tastes like chicken, LOL). It's a greasy meat. I always grind my lamb and use it mixed with pork and or deer meat and season it well. The flavor is an unusual taste, very Greek.


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