Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday and an ice storm

The wake up this morning was a little disappointing, I was hoping for snow. But instead, we got about 3" of tiny ice balls. It's packed tight on the ground, you don't even crunch on it. It's still coming down like a misty rain. The weather channel says 3 to 5" of ice is coming with 4 to 6" of snow on top of it. the big concern now is power failure from ice accumulation.

Talk at the coal mine last night was mostly how they guys would need to gather candles and such in case they lose power. Hello? You don't have those things in place already? 300 guys all making a decent paycheck and none of them have any type of emergency preparations in place! I was even invited to go sledding in the ice storm today. Why do I get the feeling I am surrounded by idiots?

I have spent the last 6 months, every work shift, talking about survival skills, being prepared for the coming economy troubles, general emergency preparedness and sharing home grown food with these same guys. I guess my words fell on deaf ears. Apparently, not a single man listened.

I can't explain this any clearer or make it any more simple without writing it in crayon. If you don't prepare now, you will be a ward of the government. This is the path our government is on and they have several wonderful plans already moving toward being implemented to make sure we all fall in line. Unemployment will continue, costs for your basic necessities of life will continue to rise. Get prepping now! Buy a couple food grade buckets and fill them with food you can live on. Learn to build a fire so you can cook what you've stored. Learn to can and dehydrate food and learn to grow food. Think of it as additional life insurance without the red tape. Or, better yet, think of it as Freedom Insurance.

Keep prepping!


  1. I love that term, mind if I use it too? Freedom Insurance. Great term and great post.

    I know people like that, no matter what you say to them, its in one ear and out the other. There's nothing you can do for them. I would just caution letting them know how much you have, or else people will be begging/borrowing/trying to steal your supplies if things get that bad.

  2. Oh I echo FarmerGeek.. love that phrase too. I found food grade buckets at the feed store. Square or round with lids. Just 2.75 each. I've been taking things out of the freezer and pressure canning & dehydrating it. We lost power due to an ice storm several years ago and we cooked by fireplace. What I hadn't taken into consideration was nearly all our protein was stored in the freezer. We did fine by moving the frozen food to coolers outside. If a loss of power occurred during the warmer seasons, we would've lost all that meat. I know better now and am prepping for whatever comes our way. I think just being more aware of all the possiblities has been the best form of Freedom Insurance.

  3. Good post! I just found your blog but it will be a regular read for me. I have one, but update it very infrequently...only as the mood strikes. I think we are fairly close to each other, I live in Dallas County, so don't be thinking that you are alone in the great state of MO, there are more than we both probably realize.

  4. Sometimes you get the feeling that only the people that can see what's coming are going to make it! How can we ever get through to them?

    Hope that some of them finally see the light!

  5. You are an ant - a sweet, dutiful, industrious, prepared, ant...

    They are grasshoppers - who play, in this case sled, and fritter their time away.

    They will be begging you to share when its cold and dark and you can hand them a copy of Aesop's Fables.

    Keep up your good work!

  6. We got the snow last night and the ice is coming down today. I cranked the generator up and ran it awhile this afternoon. Just in case. Really wish I had the woodstove done and installed though.

    I did make a beer run this afternoon! Gonna have to start brewing my own pretty soon, too.

  7. Of course you can FG. Me too WM, I've been rearranging the things I keep in the freeze too. Going to start canning it all.
    Welcome Watch, glad you joined me!
    Hermit, Pearls and Unk, we have to keep trying, eh? Thanks for stopping in. Unk, I wonder if the ornamental hops in Millers Nursery produces beer quality?

  8. storms just starting here as i type,,the flocks will be pouring in for what they think are the necessities to survive this horrid storm,,,funny tho, bet everyone here already has theirs....those deaf ears, they're everywhere....too bad,,,


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