Thursday, January 29, 2009

State of Emergency

What a great phrase for the American lifestyle. Trick James over at Nebraska Preppers Network posted some excellent information compiled by the Trends Research Institiute this morning, it's even in mp3 format. Now, combine that information with this tidbit off of Yahoo News, talking about how it could be mid February before power is restored to people hit by the winter snow storm that ripped thru here Tuesday.

The roads here are still a mess, hubby spent 2 hours trying to get out of a ditch last night because of an idiot on the road with him. He chose the ditch over smashing our truck into a moron in a mini van on ice covered roads.

Here's a storm, blamed for 23 deaths so far and people being interviewed act like cooking on a gas stoveand heating their home with wood is some kind of miracle. And then there's the fellow with the 2 small kids that is worried he can't make it without power for 2 or 3 days. People, when will you realize that being prepared is the right thing to do? There is nothing in this whole world more important than taking care of yourself and your family in case of ANY emergency.

We all need to be thinking ahead, preparing for those odd occurances that could threaten our lives and our families. Store some food and water, get alternative heating lined up and know how to use it. Do you really want to be cooped up with a couple hundred strangers in a church basement, living on a cot? Or even worse, a FEMA camp with a couple thousand strangers, in a warehouse on a cot.

Please spread the word to your neighbors, become accustomed to the idea of being prepared and then do it. Get yourself a little FREEDOM INSURANCE.

Keep prepping!

(this is a duplicate post originating from Illinois Preppers Network )


  1. Maybe this will serve as a much needed wakeup call for some people...and then again, maybe not!

    Hard heads seem to abound!

  2. Nah, Jim- they won't learn. It's the same as those who get flooded out every spring and rebuild on the exact same spot. (With all the snow we have this year, the flooding is going to be horrific, BTW.)
    There has to be something missing in the heads of these people- like there's a vacuum between the ears in understanding 'cause and effect' or the relationship between being prepared or wallowing in self pity.
    For one, I am fast running out of 'pity' and 'feeling bad' for those kind of people. They act in ways I just simply do not understand.
    Freedom Insurance. I like that. :)

  3. I love that term - "Freedom Insurance".
    What are we now, 3-4 generations removed from pre-grid dependence? And we've totally lost the knowledge base or the will to care for ourselves. How quickly we become slaves to convenience.


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