Friday, January 23, 2009

Soap Day Revisited

Back on January 10th, hubby and I made a batch of soap using whole, unskimmed cows milk. I wasn't very pleased with it and had my doubts about how it would finish out. It's not been near enough time for the curing but I couldn't wait. I tested the soap and it's cured enough to not burn the hide off me. The scent I used in it faded out nicely, you can smell it while you are using it but it does not noticed after your bath on your skin. It made nice, compact bubbles, rinsed clean and leaves your skin baby butt soft!

I'm pretty pleased with it overall now. It ended up a darker color than the batch normally produces but the milk did scald a bit during the process. I would have liked it to make more bubbles so an experiment into "super fatting" the batch next time is in order.

I'm counting this batch as a success. Keep on prepping!


  1. Man...I'm thinking you are having WAY too much fun! Things like that are supposed to be chores, right?

    Seriously, the soap looks good!

  2. The soap turned out great. One of these days I hope to try making my own.


  3. I don't use milk when I cold process although I have used it when I re-batch soaps. I will have to look at how you did it and give it a go, someday.

    I am going to make a batch of coffee soap, this week. It is all the rage here at our little coop and selling for ridiculous amounts of money. I honestly don't understand the whole thing but I thought I would try it.


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