Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soap cutting day

The soap set for it's 24 hours and I went ahead and pulled it from the molds. The picture of the left is the extra soap I pour in the candy molds, the right is the soap I pour in the pvc pipe. The orange color faded out to more like what it normally looks like and the soap had a rich, silky feel to it when I cut it. I hope the high butterfat content did what I hoped it would. Now it needs to set for it's curing time. It still has a real strong "soap" smell even over the wildflower fragrance I added, another thing I'll just have to wait and see on.

this batch made the usual 40 bars of soap using the recipe I posted a few weeks ago.


  1. Great looking soap MM, glad it turned out well. I nominated your blog for an award, you can learn more over at my blog. Hope you have time to accept. Thank,


  2. That soap looks great! I can only imagine the wonderful smell. Sure hope it works out after the cure...

    Makes me want to make some.

  3. The soap looks great! I imagine it smells wonderful there too! I want to make soap one of these days. Its on my list of things to learn.


  4. PVC pipe, huh? I like that idea. Then you can cut the cakes to whatever thickness you want. Thanks for the idea!


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