Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Planting ideas with others

It's a new year, right? Things will get better, right? Not necessarily... I can't help but be me. Everyone I know is used to me talking about feeding myself, gardening and how easy it is for them to feed themselves. Little by little, I'm winning over my neighbors. I'm taking the time to spend time with them and show them hands on how easy cooking with your own ingredients is and I've even helped build a few raised beds these last few weeks.

So, today I am celebrating my latest conversion to the ideal. I have finally convinced one of my neighbors to do like what I do. They are already partially prepared with a root cellar they have never used! I think the jars of "farmer stew" and the bread making lesson did it! The canned butter didn't hurt either ;) I'm anxious for spring now so I can get things growing here and help my neighbors get theirs going too.

My goal is to have half my neighbors producing at least part of their food by this year. Most are retired coal miners, some are farmers, all produce something but they sell it to others and don't use it for themselves! I've organized them into a trading co-op between each other but it needs to be more than that. I will keep working on teaching them to be more self sufficient for their futures.


  1. Great job, on starting a co-op with your neighbors. You are doing a wonderful job I think. Way to go !!!! You are my hero.


  2. That's great about helping your neighbors. I've been trying little by little to share what knowledge I have with friends who are interested.

    Your raised beds look wonderful! I hope when we move this spring I'll have a place to plant some veggies.

    Keep up the good work!


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