Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gloomy and Overcast

It's not just the weather! It's a balmy 15 degrees this morning, and my nose is running. Thank you to everyone that commented, you all brighten my day! Unk, I hear ya and I know better but of course I had to be in a hurry and now look at me... Chicken and Dumplings probably on Wednesday so get the map out and get driving or you'll miss it Hermit, we never have leftovers LOL.

Thanks Molly, I'll try the Bay leaf. I give the weevels to myself, they eat alfalfa and I bring them in on my clothes. They're pretty darn tough, not much kills them. Teeny little buggers too.

Yes, 3,100lbs of corn give or take a pound or 2. The average crop yield for the area this year was 138 bushels and acre so I didn't do real well compared to that. BUT, they all planted hybrid and GMO, mine was all heirloom-open pollenated corn and I can legally use my crop for reseeding and they can't. They sprayed Round-Up for weed control and I did mine with a hoe. I also have a callous on my thumb from shelling! LOL I'm not complaining tho, I find it to be pretty relaxing to sit by the fire and shell corn into a bucket. I spend about an hour a day cranking that Diamant grinder tho. I feed all the animals plus myself with that corn.

Hubby spent part of the afternoon yesterday spreading compost/manure on my new garden plot. I spent the afternoon laying under a quilt on the couch. He staked out a spot for the new root cellar for me, I might change it slightly but he had it close to what I want. Good man! Now all I need is for spring to get here. Come on April!

Lots can happen between now and April tho, I see in the news that Iceland has fallen apart and Mexico is on the verge. Scary stuff.

For my Illinois readers, I'm hosting/posting over that the Illinois Preppers Network. I'll be sharing the skills I've learned over the years and gardening and other topics specific to Illinois, things of that nature. Come join me.

Kepp a watchful eye on your surroundings and keep prepping!

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  1. Well...on the dumplings, I guess it's the thought that counts. Hope you get to feeling better real soon...and glad that hubby is getting your gardening spot in shape for ya.

    Hey, you be sure that the bug is gone before stressing the system too much, ok?

    Staying healthy this time of year is very important, ya know?


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