Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining and storming since late last night so I'm feeling a little blah today. Too much time to think about things like the economy, politics, the cost of living etc. Enough to depress the heck out of anybody! Thinking about prepping and worrying if I'm doing enough each day to ensure our safety and health- on and on and on.

While we're doing all this thinking and preparing, we have to also remember to live a little. Life is always what happens when we're making other plans. Can't get all wrapped up in a single idea that other ideas or experiences pass us by without notice.

So, here I was this morning, brooding over my cup of coffee and my smoke about what I have and what I need to have and what I need to be doing and my son says to me "Look Mom, there's flowers on your plants". A ray of sunshine in all the gloom. Instantly changed my mood! Forget about the poor economy, the useless auto industry bailout, the idiotic governor of the State of Illinois and just enjoy the small things in life for a while. After all, I woke up still alive and that's something to be happy about!

Now, if I can just figure out how to go coyote hunting instead of butchering that hog........


  1. Coyote hunting from the barn rooftop is perfectly legal in my mind. Use the hog as bait and hide in the loft if the wind is bad.
    LOL- kinda teasin' you, EM.
    Trouble with shootin' that wolf is he's gonna be terrible eating compared to that oinker. Still, they do have nice fur for making gloves and hoods. And can you imagine how good of cammo a wolf-hide jacket would be?

  2. LOL Shy, I agree, coyote is an awful meal compared to that big fat pig. I was actually thinking of a big, fluffy coyote skin comforter for the bed. Still, I have to get around to that hog pretty soon, maybe the weather will cooperate soon.

    Thanks for the smile!

  3. I hear the coyote's cry every night here at my place, never see 'em though. Love to bag one for the hide. Can you say 'Boots' ? LOL


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