Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Self Sustained Living- "free meat day"

I grew up in a family environment that frowned on firearms and would rather take a picture of a deer instead of shooting said animal. Funny how I turned out then because I eat deer meat. I have no problems shooting and butchering a deer. I know the picture is a pair of cute and furry little bunnies, they get eaten too!

I've heard at least 30 people in the last month say "ew, deer meat is gross!" That's because all they have ever eaten is deer given to them from other people that were too lazy to butcher it for themselves. Deer processors will NOT take the time to remove every speck of fat and every speck of silver skin connector tissue. Sending a deer to the processor is a reflection of society. Most people like to say they killed the deer and offer you some salami or sausage and boast of how cool the great hunt was. Me, I like to keep quiet, offer some meat and then when the person says how tasty the beef sausage was, I can laugh and explain how they just ate deer meat. Properly cleaned deer tastes just as good as the roast you just paid $4.59 a lb for or the ground meat you just paid $2.89 a lb for at your grocery store. Society as a whole has become lazy and lost some of the basic skills needed to survive. I can't say about where you live if the deer are as numerous as they are here, but if you see one deer, you can bet there are 20 in the bush you can't see! In most rural areas, deer over run the area. Population has removed all the natural predators so deer flourish. Get a gun card and a hunting permit and get some fresh red meat!

Now for the bunny picture, rabbits are easy to tend, don't require a ton of time or space and you can feed them a multitude of things grown right in your own yard. High protein and low fat meat, very easy to butcher. Any recipe you would have chicken in you can use rabbit in. Give it a try!

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  1. Ahh, yes, those "I hate venison" crowd. Have a friend who's a Master Chef and told me that. Had him and wife over for dinner one eve a bunch of years ago. He had two of the steaks, said they were absolutely deliscious.
    "Guess what..." I said.
    He kinda frowned and I laffed- "Yup!" His wife didn't know either, and mine knew enough to kep her mouth shut. Dang, wish that woman was still around she could COOK!. Still, I didnt like when she cleared out the freezer to put in all those beef and pork roasts, chicken and farm turkey. Until we'd maried, I'd never bought any meat but bacon. Shucks, she even bought store salmon.


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