Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Raffle Winners

Well, here I am at workso I let my co-worker draw the names.  LOL, so, however it goes, you can either thank or blame Vic!

Leslie B is the Rainbow blanket winner!  Congrats Leslie!

The Camo blanket goes to Elizabeth S!  Congrats Elizabeth!

Ladies, your tracking numbers will be mailed to you tomorrow early afternoon, congrats on your win!

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Rains

Ick, it's raining again.  Mudhole on the farm!  Lost another batch of rabbits kits last night.  The weather behaving like a yo-yo is hard on the does and newborn kits.  So, I have managed to not get any live bunny kits at all.  None that lived more than a week anyway.  "Sigh"  depressing.

So far, since August, I've manged to get a couple blankets finished.  I am currently working on an order for 4 youth blankets.  I have 2 done and the third half done with one more to be finished before the 15th.  I'm sweating bullets a bit, it's going to be a close finish!  Each one takes 53 hours from start to finish.
So now, there is 5 days left in the blanket raffle.  So far, there's 5 people in the Camo blanket raffle and just 2 in the rainbow blanket raffle.  Still good odds so get your entry in quick!

Not much going on around the farm lately.  I am currently working on a new soap recipe.  One with coconut oil in it.  The hope is to make the soap more bubbly, the way most people expect soap to be.  I know, I'm veering from the old fashioned style to cater to the whims of the commercial products mindset but hey, who knows, it might make a good soap!  It's been in the mold for 2 days now, was too soft to remove yesterday.  I'm going to try to get it out tonite after work.  I've got my fingers crossed!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Raffle and update

Whew, finally got the tractor going decent!  Boy howdy, that darn thing had me squirming a little bit.  I really do depend on that particular piece of equipment and I'm pretty lost without it.  Just cant put a big round bale of hay out to the cows without it!  Still needs tires but the old, used one the neighbor found for me will make it for a little while and give me some breathing room.

Had 2 pretty good scares this past week.  The blower speed switch caught on fire in the truck while on the drive to work.  LOL, I like to killed myself trying to get pulled over and stopped so I could put the fire out!  Darn thing shorted out and now the cab stinks like burnt plastic.  Last night, 50' from the driveway, a big buck stepped out in front of me.  Talk about a butt clinch!  I'm so glad I spent the time to replace the front hub/rotors on that little truck, saved my bacon and I got it shut down with a couple feet to spare.  That stupid deer just stood there and looked at me.  I had to roll the window down and yell at it to make it run off!  Dumb deer, LOL

Had a visit by an old coalmine co-worker tonite who told me to stop by his house and pick up one of those rubbermaid water troughs he isn't needing anymore.  He says it's the goat/sheep sized one.  Woohoo, I could use opne of those!

Hey Pamit, yep, those lionheads are mellow, furry little fellers and make great pets!  Still no kits yet but I have hope.

All 3 of the hatched chicks are still alive and making a healthy racket in the front room.

The goats all look preggers.

Okay, here's what I've got to raffle.....

both are 5'x7'.  Same as always on the entries, $10 for one entry or $20 for 3 entries.  Be sure to choose one or the other when entering.  This raffle will be open until the 10th of December so I can get it mailed to arrive before Christmas.  Good luck!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Changes Happen Quick

Oh yes, surprises all around on the farm.  Tractor is the highlight of my attention for the past few days.  Finally lost one of the 2 wore out tires.  Found a used one, slightly bigger but it will do until I can figure out where to get the $635 needed for a new pair.  Also, the primer decided to split on me.  Once I got it pulled off, I saw that it was full of bio fuel algae.  Oh yes, the highly praised bio diesel strikes again!  It's garbage.  It filled the primer screens up with algae and built up enough that it ruptured the the little rubber piece.  Thanks to which ever idiot government agency came up with this brilliant plan to "save" us from fossil fuels.  Morons.
 So here's Baby goat.  Lil Sisters kid from this past spring.  She's turned into a nice little nanny.  Not quite as friendly as her Momma but gentle enough.
 Of course, we can't talk about the farm animals without including the center piece.  Grizz is still himself, being a dopey blue heeler.  Ya can't not love him, he's such a goofy dog.
 The lionheads are, I hope, making bunny kits.
3 chicks is all I managed to get hatched out from this last round.  Yep, I said last year that I would not hatch chicks out over the winter but here I am, hatching chicks out, again, LOL

So, how about another blanket raffle?  What pattern should we do this time?  The rainbow (mexicali) one or the dark camo?