Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Update

Well, it's been a busy few weeks.  Lots going on but it's all been wheel spin.  3 weeks of every day rains, the truck wire shorting and burning, the cows in the road, tractor alternator shooting craps and so on and so forth.

Everything I've managed to get planted is flowering with peppers about half ready to pick.  Lots of green tomatoes too.  Trying to turn the soil with just a pitchfork and  hoe when it's constant swampland mud it tough work.  Goats are all fat and sassy, cows keep pushing the fence down in the mud to run around on the highway.  Stupid cows.  Got them all tethered in the yard just so I can be sure they will stay put while I'm at work.  Managed to get all the bills paid for this month but nothing left over to make any progress around here.  That figures but it's not always going to be like this.  It damn well better not be!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keeping On

 Spring has sprung, even tho the over night temps are still dipping into the 50sF.  Grass is growing like crazy and the baler is still broke.  Like the pitiful paycheck is ever going to cover more than the bills around here.  It hardly does that most of the time.  Tiller decided to not function this year so it was "do it the old fashioned way".  With the work schedule and the rain, it's been hard to get as much done as I need to.  As always, I keep just plugging away at it since I'm stubborn and as always, refuse to give up.
 Cows are loving the grass growing and the cow "lawn mowing" has begun.  Wouldn't be able to keep up with it minus a couple of cows, it grows too quick for me to push mow it all anyway.  So, good for me, good for them!

 Got 2 batches of rabbit kits growing, they're about 3 weeks apart.  The all black buck I picked up at auction for $3 has made some pretty kits, they look like wild rabbit coloring.  Throw a few all black ones in there.  They seem to be growing quicker than the straight NZ line I've always had and they seem healthier than the kits that came from the flemish giant buck I've still got.  Maybe a shot of good blood will improve the bunny production around here.

Barb, got your note, thanks!  Appreciate the kind words and the help.  Every little bit goes a LONG way around here.

Richard, got your note as well, I've got a letter on the way to you soon.  I've also got a couple things in a box waiting for me to catch up so I can mail it.  A big hug for you Richard!

Preston, I trust the box arrived in good shape?  Hope those tubers weren't too shocked.

More soon!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Crazy Around the Farm

As usual, it's hard for me to figure out if I'm coming or going.  The hard winter and the bills piling up keeps me humping every single day.  Always trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul around here.

 My only day off this past week and it was 55F and windy.  Rained hard the day before so no garden tromping going on in the overcast, breezyness.
I did manage to get some things planted even tho my entire seed starting this spring was a total bust.  The weather was just too crazy for me to keep anything from damping off and dying. 

More soon on the adventure!

Friday, April 18, 2014

a farm update

So, here we are, just about onto Easter.  Not a holiday I celebrate with joy since my Grandmother passed away.  I have my own retrospect on the subject...

Got the front garden cleaned out and several cold crop items planted.  Hoping the frost we had 2 mornings ago doesn't do much damage.  I have just a third of the normal seedlings up and growing, lost a bunch to damping off with the burst of cold weather that rolled thru.  No heat sucks, LOL

Since I'm basically rock bottom here and starting from scratch, any progress I make at all seems like a huge victory.  It's horribly slow coming but it IS coming. 

I'm toughing it out and still alive! Pickins in the cupboard are getting a little slim but what I canned up last season should hold out for the fresh produce.  The chickens I hatched out for myself are just about up to egg laying so no worries there.The baby bunnies are doing great and I've decided to not try to sell the few I've got as Easter bunnies.  Instead, I'm going to eat a couple of the boys and keep the girls to replace the does I lost to the severe winter cold.  Build my "herd" back up.  I've ended up with 3 girls and just the 1 boy out of the goat kids.  Lil Sisters kid, Baby, is a real dandy!  What a personality on that little thing!  She's spoiled already, of course.  She's getting all the darn goats milk on me so you know she's fat and sassy.

The pot bellied pig (the small dexter bull I got from Mike Hammack and then sold back for the $200 he offered me to "help me out") did not produce any calves.  So, no cows milk for a few more months.  I've got a bull to cover the girls now so calves are on the way.  It's probably all the for best tho since my work schedule at the moment would make milking at the proper intervals a bit rough.  Funny how those things work out.

Oh, PTLBatman, I'm digging up the sunchokes to move them this weekend or early next week, a box will be heading your way!

The rest is business as usual around here......